the RED oil

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Daily Use:
Apply only to hair strands NOT SCALP. Start with a dime size and if more is needed build slowly.
Place oil on entire scalp. Then massage scalp with small circular motions to encourage blood circulation. Cover head with a hot towel and plastic cap for 10 mins. Rinse well then shampoo.
the RED oil


A natural anti-bacterial oil, helps fungus or bacteria from inhibiting hair growth. Also deeply penetrating, helps to deliver nourishment into pores and follicles that produce hair. This oil can be used as a treatment by applying directly  to the scalp and massage prior to washing hair. For daily use apply only to hair shaft and ends. Mainly on ends of hair*. 



olive oil infused with rosemary,cinnamon essential oil,cinnamon stick, red rose petals, argan essential oil, avocado oil, castor oil

***Please note if you have any allergies.*** Products are all natural and organic. These products are made to order. Handmade from the products to the packaging.