the YELLOW oil

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Daily Use:
Apply only to hair strands NOT SCALP. Start with a dime size and if more is needed build slowly.
Place oil on entire scalp. Then massage scalp with small circular motions to encourage blood circulation. Cover head with a hot towel and plastic cap for 10 mins. Rinse well then shampoo.
the YELLOW oil


This oil contains a natural emollient.... sunflower oil. It has thickening and lubricatiing agents that has a softening effect. Emollients also prevent water loss. Lemongrass oil paired with a carrier oil daily, strengthens the hair follicle. Thus, benefical for those worried about thin and weak hair.



olive oil infused with rosemary, sunflower oil, Lemon grass oil, Calendula flowers, chamomile flowers

***Please note if you have any allergies.*** Products are all natural and organic. These products are made to order. Handmade from the products to the packaging.